When it comes time to celebrating life’s biggest moments, there’s one thing you should expect: excellence. And that’s what SG3 Events delivers. 

Maybe it’s our decades of experience planning and executing weddings and events in the DC area. Maybe it’s our dedication to providing stellar customer service. Maybe it’s our focus on curating events that reflect your lifestyle and wow your guests. Maybe it’s our roster of
high caliber vendors we refer our clients to.
Maybe it’s our refined taste, or incredibly high standards. 

Whatever the reason, you should know that we don’t do anything less than excellent!

sg3 events


That’s why I started SG3 Events in 2019 — because we all deserve more celebrations in our life. And my hot take? 

Every event should be one to remember. A party with substance, that tells the story of who you are, and does it
with style!

I’m Sarah Nickens, and I’m the kind of person who can’t enjoy a concert. I love live music, of course, but while most folks are jamming out to the artist on stage, I’m wondering who is controlling the lighting, noticing the transitions between songs, and thinking of little tweaks that could have made the event better. I can’t help it — I love prooducing events! I always have; there’s just something so special about celebrations and overseeing all the details is my Jam!

i was done. beated. passionless. it was time for a change.

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It all started...

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Meet the Boss

I’ve never seen all the best qualities together in one person. Organized and never ruffled. Well connected to a network of other exceptional and respected professionals. Caring and welcoming to everyone. Able to manage events with a million moving parts and people. Sarah will take care of everything with grace and ease. Who wouldn’t want that for their most important moments?

Sarah Will Take Care Of Everything With
Grace And Ease




I left my corporate career to pursue my dreams of producing events. I am blessed beyond measure to get to work everyday with fabulous clients like you! 


Living the dream career as a Project Manager and Event Planner, I had my second daughter who completed our family!


I had my first daughter (who we nicknamed SG3) which birthed the dream of one day starting my business!


Wedding bells! My husband & I got married in Washington DC and honeymooned in Bali! 


I planned my first event professionally as a Corporate Meeting Plannner!


I started my corporate career as a Project Manager and Computer Programmer!


I met my future husband! (It was love at first sight but we became friends first)


I planned my first event (it was my high school graduation party... but still...)

I manage the final logistics for your wedding and keep everything running smoothly on the day-of, from start to finish! Whether you’re planning a wedding at a private villa with sweeping views of the Santa Susana Mountains in California (my dream!), or keeping things intimate, my favorite part of my job is seeing the reactions to months of planning and in some cases your childhood dreams of your big day coming to life!


Hey, I',m


I assist with planning all of your event details, like securing top-notch vendors, coordinating logistics, and answering your questions along the way. I obsess over the little details that will make your day unique and incredibly special. Simply put, my job is to make your vision become a reality. And the only thing that makes me happier than seeing your smiling face at the end of the party, is going home to raise a glass of red wine and cheers a job well done!


Hi, I',m


I also manage the final logistics for your wedding and keep vendors and tasks on track on the day-of! I love traveling and experiencing different cultures and dream of having a destination wedding one day! The most rewarding part of my job is witnessing your vision come to life and seeing the smiles and laughter on your face. I am passionate about providing top-notch service and contributing to your special day in the most meaningful ways!


Helllo, I',m


I oversee the day-of coordination for the wedding party, ensuring a seamless, stress-free, and memorable experience as you get ready on your big day! Whether you’re planning a destination beach wedding (my fav), or an intimate outdoor wedding with your closest family and friends, my ultimate goal is to ensure your dream wedding is perfect. As an avid runner with 2 half marathons under my belt, I bring focus and pace to the preparations of the day, aiming to keep a smile on your face throughout!


Hi, I',m


While my co-workers are busy bringing your event to life, I keep the business running smoothly behind the scenes, all the way from San Diego. Whether I’m answering your emails or handling the company’s bookkeeping, my work creates a seamless client experience and keeps our team focused on you and your event. And that’s what it’s all about, isn’t it? We’re here to curate an outward expression of love and joy — my fave!


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